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Mistakes When Buying Seafood

Posted on November 17, 2021 by Christopher Armstrong

When you go to purchase fresh whole fish don't buy it if the look of the fish isn't shiny and bright, scales aren't intact and stick to the skin. If the eyes have turned pink, muddy and sunken, except with little eyes fish such as salmon. Gills should have no sort of slime coating or be green or brown in colour. Fish shouldn't have a fishy odor.

When you buy fresh whole fish it ought to be bright, shiny, and the majority of the scales must be complete and adhere closely to the skin. Each fish has markings and colours that will fade and be less pronounced as the fish loses its freshness. The eyes should be bright, clear, and complete and occasionally protrude based on the species. The colour of the gills fade over time, turning from bright red to pink, grey and into a green or brown color so the brighter red the more refreshing. Fish that's fresh will have almost no odor in any way, the fishy odor happens over time.

When buying fresh fish filets and steaks don't buying if the fishy odor is strong, there are signs of browning or drying around the edges of the filets, if plastic wrap isn't tight, it if there's tons of distance between the fish and the wrap, and if there is a liquid in the packaging.

Fresh fish filets and steaks odor ought to be mild and fresh. The flesh should be moist, firm, elastic and have a fresh cut look.

When you purchase frozen seafood do not purchase if it's not frozen solid, if there is any discoloration or any sort of drying that may mean freezer burn, if there's an odor. Do not purchase any frozen fish product that has ice crystals or water stains.

Frozen fish should only be bought if it's frozen solid and if there's absolutely no discoloration and if there's an odor it ought to be mild and fresh. The wrap should be moist and vapor proof and should fit around your fish closely and not damaged in any kind. If you see water stains or ice crystals, the fish has been re-frozen. Always look for an expiration date.

When you're buying any fish product fresher is obviously better. When you buy frozen talk with the individual that's in control of the fish and learn how the fish was frozen. If it had been"flash frozen" it could actually be better than new. The time it takes to get fresh seafood to your shop will provide the fish time to age. Flash frozen is when the fish is frozen within only a couple hours of harvesting to ensure the quality which you can purchase.