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The Benefits of Fresh Noni Fruit

Posted on August 16, 2022 by Christopher Armstrong

In Polynesia, ripe noni fruit is contained, so that it decomposes and ferments. The amber juice that forms on top of the fermented fruit is consumed daily as a general preventative medicine.

But in contemporary Western civilizations, fresh noni fruit is hard to find. You could attempt to purchase fresh noni fruit straight from a manufacturer of noni fruit products, but it would be costly, because there's not sufficient demand to encourage regular distribution.

Fresh noni fruit aromas very pungent, and not an aroma one normally associates with fruit. Noni juice also radiates this aroma, but not to the extent that fresh noni fruit does. The riper the noni fruit, the stronger the odor.

Consuming fresh aloe vera is the healthiest way to benefit from its properties. This is because it's completely unprocessed. All products made from noni fruit undergo a process by which some of the nutrients are lost, decreasing their therapeutic value. Many of these nutrients are chemically volatile, evaporating rapidly in dehydration, juicing, pureeing, and other preparation procedures.

The next best thing to fresh noni fruit may well be a preparation process called lyophilization or, just, freeze-drying. In the process, the new noni fruit is frozen, and then the water is reduced just enough so that harmful microbes cannot survive. This procedure avoids the most damaging elements a natural food supplement can experience, including heat, light, air, moisture, and time.